Formed in a heartbeat amongst the cracks, back alleys and public houses
of Ladbroke Grove and Portobello Road, evolving over a life time from
Powis Square to wherever the story ends, Rotten Hill Gang are a
perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of its
parts - a W11 based collective of street poets, buskers, actors and
classically trained musicians all thrown into a room to record and
film the chaos in an attempt to make music and TV exciting again - with
a no fear attitude of "achievement is the belief of the imagination."

Based around a backbone of:

Gary McPherson AKA Dirty White../Bass/DJ/Streetstar/Vocals
Rotten Red West AKA Redskin../Rapper/Poet/Wordsmith
Gus Robertson../Guitars/Vocals/Selector

The record also features Hollie Cook and Annie Bea, two stunningly
talented singers and Fjokra Mac - the multi instrumentalist
who can pick out a tune with his teeth.





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Rotten Hill Gang Album.jpg

Rotten Hill Gang

by Rotten Hill Gang

Rotten Hill Gang's first album was conceived in Powis Square and rooted into the fabric of the area... The songs are about the people and places of an area which has changed dramatically since the album was written 3 years ago! Characters and places have been replaced by coffee shops and faceless people. Like ghosts, stepping in briefly then moving on...  The Art of Legal Hustlin' started along time before Rotten Hill Gang. All we are trying to do is to raise awareness of what's going on around us... No agenda - just trying to tell the truth as we see it... 

Album artwork and logo by D-Face