TEACH PEACE album tracks to be released

It's not because times are hard and most people are struggling that we’ve decided to give away our new album "TEACH PEACE"... It’s because we’ve been treated so well by friends and fans during the making of it. With so much support and offers of help... and with too many names to thank, the band thought this was the best way of giving something back.

We will be releasing one track from the album every 4 weeks through our website www.rottenhillgang.co.uk First up is "The Party’s Ova!" - quite apt, considering all the shit that’s going on at this moment in time. Stayed tuned and be alert!!! We'll be releasing this track this Tuesday 14th February for Valentines...

Hope you all like it... Once again . Thanks very much to one and all.

Love R.H.G.xx

(Grant Peters press office)